Anonymous Wall Street CEO: Obama Kicked Us In The Balls

Brian Moynihan

It’s annoying that NYMag got this awesome quote out of a CEO and he or she has to remain anonymous, but we’ll take it:

“It was like the White House said, ‘OK, we lost Massachusetts, health care is screwed, so let’s go after Wall Street,’ ” says the CEO of one of the nation’s biggest banks. “And for a lot of Wall Street people, it was like, ‘OK, first you slap us in the face, now you kick us in the balls. Enough is enough. I mean, we’re done.’ ”

He was talking in particular about the Volcker Rule.

So who do you think it was?

Our guess: maybe one of the guys who dissed Obama at the big meeting between Wall Street and Obama at the White House last December: Blankfein, Mack, or Richard Parsons. Mack is no longer CEO, Parsons  never was CEO of Citigroup (he’s a Chairman), so that just leaves one: Blankfein.

Of course it could also be Jamie Dimon or Brian Moynihan or Fidelity’s Edward Manzi or something.

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