Hacker Group Releases Supposed St. Louis Police Audio Tapes From The Day Of Ferguson Teen's Fatal Shooting

Hacker group Anonymous has released purported audio tapes of the St. Louis Police Department’s dispatch the day of Michael Brown’s fatal shooting in Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday.

The relevant audio starts around 9:30 in the YouTube video.

The dispatcher tells a St. Louis officer that “Ferguson is asking for assistance with crowd control” but later asks the officer to let her know what’s going on as soon as he arrives. That suggests Ferguson may not have reported Brown’s shooting to St. Louis police before asking for back-up.

The dispatcher later reports an “officer-involved shooting.” She also states, “Be advised, this information came from the news.”

A spokesperson for the Ferguson police department said he hadn’t heard the tapes during a press conference on Wednesday.

Anonymous couldn’t reveal their process for acquiring the types, it told Business Insider via email, but it maintains the tapes are “verified and confirmed.”

We’ll listen to the file and include relevant information in updates to this post.

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