Hacker Group Anonymous’ Leadership Disowns “Operation Facebook,” Only “Some Anons” Are Involved

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We reported early yesterday that hacker group Anonymous had posted a YouTube video and transcript vowing to “destroy Facebook.”UPDATE: Gawker has the scoop on Operation Facebook, a real Anonymous operation that got scrapped, but was then picked up by some Anonymous hacktivists in combination with media “stumbling over the remnants of the abandoned operation.”

According to a tweet from the AnonOps Twitter feed eight hours ago, “Operation Facebook” was only organised by some members of Anonymous:

#OpFacebook is being organised by some Anons. This does not necessarily mean that all of #Anonymous agrees with it.

Another tweet from a few hours prior proclaims:


If the AnonOps Twitter feed is in fact run by the leaders of Anonymous, then this means that Operation Facebook is not actually a fake, but instead an operation created by a splinter group within Anonymous.

Anonymous’ internal organisation, if there is one, is shrouded in ambiguity, which makes the entire situation harder to decipher. It could’ve been merely the owner of the Twitter feed who disapproves of Operation Facebook.

Gizmodo pulled a quote from a source on an Anonymous IRC chat board, which helps clarify how “ops” are created:

“Anonymous is a mindset not a group. Mindsets do not have leaders. With any given operation there are always some who agree and some who disagree. With opFaceBook specifically there are those that agree and those that disagree. Annoymous allows each person individually to vote on each operation, a yes vote means they participate, a no vote means they do not. Anyone is allowed to create an op and if others vote yes it will get traction and something may be accomplished.”

Pursuant to this bit from a chat board, Zdnet points out that the video production quality and digital voice used in the video are not up to par with usual Anonymous press videos.

Additionally, Zdnet observes, this would be the first time Anonymous gave more than a couple days’ warning for an impending cyber-attack.

These pieces of evidence back up @AnonOps’ claim that Operation Facebook is a mere splinter operation, not nearly on the same scale as some previous Anonymous or LulzSec (an Anonymous affiliate) operations, and not organised by Anonymous leadership at large.

Of course, nothing changes the fact that there are some talented hackers part of Anonymous that want to take down Facebook, even if the organisation’s leadership does not condone it.

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