Anonymous Hacked Into Monsanto’s Database In Retaliation For Lawsuits Against Organic Farmers


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In its latest strike on the biotech conglomerate Monsanto, hacking group Anonymous published an outdated database of the company’s information and emails, CNET reports.”Your continued attack on the worlds [sic] food supply, as well as the health of those who eat it, has earned you our full attention,” wrote Anonymous, under the banner ‘AntiSec’. “Your crimes against humanity are too many to name on one page,” it added.

Anonymous says its onslaught was brought on by Monsanto’s lawsuits against 9,000 organic dairy farmers who stated on their labels that they didn’t use growth hormones.

The hackers went on to say that although they knew releasing old data was not going to harm Monsanto, they would continue to attack the company and “expose” its “bulls**t”, ending with the threat: “Expect Us”.

Anonymous’ battle with Monsanto began in July 2011 when the suit against the farmers was filed. Anonymous hacked into the company’s website and released data on about 2,500 individuals associated with the agriculture industry. About 10 per cent of this information was related to current or former Monsanto employees.

Monsanto was one of seven companies that supplied the U.S. military with Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. It also used to make bovine growth hormones. Now it focuses on making genetically engineered seeds and pesticides, according to the International Business Times. But even this has gotten it into trouble with the law.