Anonymous Recorded A Top Secret Call Between The FBI And Scotland Yard


[credit provider=”wikipedia commons”]

Anonymous have released a call between FBI agents and the UK’s Scotland Yard where they discuss efforts to prevent hacking by groups (such as Anonymous), the BBC reports.The call, made January 17, specifically relates to the arrest of members of the LulzSec community. An email relating to the conference call has also been released and the phone recording has been uploaded to YouTube (we’re not linking as a legal precaution but you’ll find them if you look).

Scotland Yard and the FBI have confirmed the call is genuine. It appears that an Anonymous member had access to one of the emails and was able to join a conference call with the information in the email.

Embarrassingly, the call reveals that a secret application to a judge was made by British police so that the FBI could pursue a British-based LulzSec hacker. “We’ve cocked things up in the past, we know that,” a British police officer says at one point.

The callers also joke about a “McDonald’s at the Pentagon” and describe the UK city of Sheffield as a “khazi“.

One Twitter account related to Anonymous has bragged that they have been able to read FBI’s communications “for some time now”.