Anonybloggers, Be Gone! Tumblr Boots Griefers


Last September, we noted the unfortunate reality that every social network has its troublemakers, and Tumblr — which was plagued by so-called “anonybloggers” — is no exception.

No more. In a post today on the official Tumblr blog, site founder David Karp told the Anonybloggers they’re no longer welcome, and he’s already booted five accounts off the site:

After serious consideration, we recently decided that accounts with the explicit purpose of reblogging content in a derogatory way are a detriment to our community.  Although these accounts were removed prematurely, we’re confident this was the right decision, and have updated our Content Policy accordingly:

  • Harassment. Accounts with the sole or primary purpose of repeatedly harassing or abusing specific members or groups within the Tumblr community will be suspended.

In the comments to David’s post, Tumblr users seem split on the new policy, with some glad to be rid of the anonyblogging problem and others crying “censorship.”

Generally, we think this is a good move by the Tumblr team. A snarky cathouse where everyone tears down everyone else anonymously may well have its devotees, but for Tumblr to get bigger (and we hope it does) it needs to be a platform where people feel comfortable and safe to express themselves.