How to hack your 2020 calendar to get 42 days of holidays from 4 weeks annual leave in Australia

Jasper Juinen/Getty ImagesTorremolinos, Spain.

When you live on an island and the world is so far away, 4 weeks annual leave can feel like small change. The Americans may laugh at our need for extended holidays, but once you’ve taken a 20-hour flight across the Pacific, you don’t want to be returning three days later.

If four weeks doesn’t feel like a long enough break from the dramas of your work day and you can’t convince your company to introduce a four-day work week, there’s a sneaky hack that will let you live the holiday life for 42 days of the year in 2020.

The travel brand, Contiki, has given us all a December blessing and dropped its annual calendar, which shows you how to hack 2020 by taking annual leave next to weekends and public holidays. It means you can turn your 20 days annual leave into 42 days of holidays.

For example, over the Australia Day weekend you can take one day of annual leave and score a four-day mini break. During the Easter holidays, you can take just eight days of annual leave and have 16 days of relaxation. The Christmas break in 2020 is also fruitful: take seven days of annual leave and enjoy 13 days with the family.

It’s time to plan your 2020 calendar:


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