Annoying Video Ads Even More Popular In Europe

Yesterday we published research from two (very) interested parties that purported to show that pre-roll ads aren’t as annoying as we might have thought. Video ad network Tremor Media says only about 20% of would-be Web video watchers bail out on video when forced to watch an ad first. said about 13% flee at the sight of a pre-roll ad.

And things might be even better in Europe, according to third-party research from Jupitermedia summarized in AdAge. Jupiter canvassed video sites across the pond and found a mere 5% of European Web video viewers clicked away at the sight of a pre-roll ad. Some reported higher rates: Netherlands-based said 17% abandoned its 15-second pre-rolls before completion.

Acceptable losses? Or perhaps just inevitable ones? Short of sponsorships and product placement, pre-roll advertising is really the only ad-supported model for online video — at least for now.

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