SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS: Five Ways You're Annoying Everyone On Social Media In 2013

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Five Ways You’re Annoying Everyone On Social Media (Jeff Bullas)
It’s always useful to know what practices to avoid in order not to get on people’s nerves.  

  1. Automated Direct Messages On Twitter
  2. Sending Posts Directly To People On Google+
  3. Inviting Everyone You Know To Contribute To Your Pinterest Board
  4. Using Hashtags On Facebook
  5. Sending Mass Google+ Community Invites

Many of these practices are related to Google+ and Pinterest, which only recently have become popular enough to generate hordes of annoying users. Read > 

Facebook Expands FBX Test For News Feed Ads (AllFacebook) 
FBX, the Facebook Exchange, was originally just used for display ads that show up on the right rail of user pages. (FBX allows advertisers to target users in Facebook based on past Web behaviour outside of the social network.) Now, Facebook wants to make it so that FBX ads also appear in the coveted News Feed, the stream of posts at the centre of a user’s page where everyone wants to be. Read > 


App Marketing: Social Media May Be A Better Strategy Than Search (VentureBeat) 

How should I market my app? There’s a bewildering array of ad products and platforms available. AppsFlyer compares them on several metrics, including conversion rate, download volume, and user quality (there’s no sense in generating thousands of downloads if the users acquired have low or zero engagement). According to AppsFlyer, social marketing for apps leads to much better user quality and download volumes higher than other tactics. Read > Users Should Earn Micropayments For Their Data Gathered By Search Engines And Social Media (New York Post) 
Jaron Lanier, an iconoclastic tech thinker, has released a book called Who Owns The Future?  The book says companies like Google And Facebook are unfairly accumulating wealth and power gathering data on humanity, while users themselves are uncompensated, and worse — sometimes damaged by the economic shifts the cloud-based information economy is creating. Read > 

The 2013 LinkedIn Marketing Guide (KISSMetrics) 
A step-by-step guide to creating the profiles that get the most out of LinkedIn’s new page-building tools. Read >  

LinkedIn Tips: 10 Ways To Get More From Your Network (Entrepreneur)
A handy list, even if most of the recommendations are fairly obvious. Here are some: Avoid buzzwords, optimise your profile for search engines, and seek endorsements and recommendations. Read >  

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