Annoying Plaxo Sells Itself With Mystery Banker

Annoying contact service Plaxo has put itself on the block, says TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington. Mike doesn’t have an asking price (Mr. Sorkin at the NYT says up to $100 million), but does say that Plaxo has “transformed” itself from a hated spam monster into a mild mannered and interesting business social network.” He also runs an email from a Plaxo marketing guy who tries to position the company as a cross between Facebook and LinkedIn.

Anyway. A reader points out the curious part about Plaxo’s “for sale” effort — it’s using a shop called Revolution Partners for M&A. Have you heard of Revolution? We hadn’t, which certainly doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable. But given Plaxo’s stats — a 20 million user database, traffic that’s shot up four-fold since November, etc — you’d think a bevvy of heavy hitters would be vying for the business.

So. why aren’t any of the usual suspects — Montgomery & Co, Allen & Co, Savvian, Jefferies, DeSilva, Lehman et al — playing in this game? Probably because of the $100 million price tag (a.k.a., chump change).

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