Cameron Diaz Looks Ridiculous In The First 'Annie' Remake Trailer

There’s going to be an “Annie” remake this year.

The movie isn’t out until December, but Sony Pictures has already debuted the first trailer for the film starring Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, and Quvenzhané Wallis.

You’ll remember Wallis as the adorable actress from “Beasts of the Southern Wild” who became the youngest Oscar nominee last year. She’s probably the brightest part of this trailer.

The film is a modern-day hip-hop update to the story of the orphan darling in Harlem produced by Jay-Z and Will Smith.

Foxx will take on the role of Daddy Warbucks, re-envisioned as wealthy politician Will Sacks.

It’s a hard knock life for Diaz who looks downright silly as a ditzy version of Miss Hannigan role which Sandra Bullock reportedly passed up. Her character has a few awkward ramblings about George Clooney and Facebook that everyone from the kids to Foxx’s Will Sacks appear confused over.

Originally, Smith’s daughter Willow was cast in the picture, but she outgrew the role by the time production started rolling.

Bet your bottom dollar Sony Pictures needs this to be a big win.

“Annie” is in theatres December 19.

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