Anne Hathaway Impersonated Katie Holmes During 'Ellen' Skit On 'SNL'

Anne Hathaway EllenEllen DeGeneres tweeted her approval of the sketch, no word on what Holmes though of the parody.

Photo: NBC

Anne Hathaway hosted this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” with her most memorable sketch being her impersonation of Katie Holmes in an “Ellen DeGeneres Show” interview.Hathaway, who has now hosted the show three times, also impersonated Holmes during a 2010 episode.

During this weekend’s sketch, DeGeneres, played by Kate McKinnon, asked “Holmes” what she has been up to lately.

“If you read US Weekly you know Suri and I spend every waking moment at the zoo,” “Holmes” said.

And when asked about the paparazzi’s obsession with her and her daughter, innocent-looking “Holmes” had a not-so-friendly response.

“Well, on one hand, they’re just doing their jobs, but one the other hand, if they come near my daughter, I will cut them,” the actress said.

DeGeneres tweeted that she found the sketch funny, but no word on what Holmes thought.

Ellen DeGeneres tweet

Photo: @TheEllenShow

Check out Hathaway’s impersonation here:

And here’s Hathaway’s 2010 impersonation of Holmes:

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