European Authorities Have Arrested A Spy From The Same Russian Ring As Anne Chapman

sexy russian spy anna chapman

Photo: Facebook

A Dutch diplomat known only as “Raymond P” has been arrested in the Hague for passing on 450 confidential files to the Russian spy ring that once contained Anna Chapman, Focus reports.Raymond was apparently passing on information to “Andreas and Heidrun A.”, who lived in the German university town of Marburg and were arrested last year. The pair were using the same Moscow handlers as Chapman, who became notorious for her role in a US-based spy ring.

Chapman, whose deportation from the US came after apparently seducing a Obama cabinet minister, has had an eventful time since leaving the country. She’s posed for Maxim, become a banker, been published on Business Insider, and even been suspected of ruining Vladimir Putin’s marriage.

Focus reports that the diplomat is not cooperating with the investigators at present. Andreas and Heidrun A. are understood to have maintained contact with the US spies who were busted in 2010, and may have been turned in by the same Russian agent.

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