The Sexy Startup Spy Stays In The News

sexy russian spy anna chapman

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Anna Chapman is a lot like the Russian spy ring scandal of which she has become the centrepiece: red hot, but lacking in substance.None of the 10 alleged spies have actually been charged with espionage. That is not, it appears, for a lack of evidence tying them to Moscow, but rather because none of them seem to have had access to anything secret or important.

That’s pretty much the story with Anna. There’s nothing to suggest she ever dug up any secrets that could justify Russia’s alleged investment in her. She showed up at NYC startup events, but doesn’t appear to be much of an entrepreneur outside her imagination.  Yet she’s still grabbing headlines.


Two reasons:  

  • She’s a hot Russian spy. That pretty much sells itself.
  • Her career as a spy and socialite, while not exactly a success, was very colourful. There are simply a lot of great stories about Anna for the tabloids to feed off.

What sort of stories? And just how big a story is she?

Forget Foursquare -- Anna Chapman is the hottest thing in NYC tech, according to Google Trends

The tabloids are in love: Anna has made 5 of the last 8 New York Post covers. Only Tiger has had a bigger run in recent memory.

While Anna lived in London, she tried to track down and befriend Princes Harry and William

Anna spent time in nightclubs known to be popular with the two princes, befriending their acquaintances, angling for a shot at the crown.

News outlets are suggesting this was a plot to 'infiltrate Buckingham Palace'. We bet that's what she told her handlers when she turned in her bar tabs.

Anna was a casual acquaintance and Facebook friend of Nouriel Roubini, doomsaying economist and man-about-town

Alex cashed in on Chapmania, giving British tabloid News of the World an exclusive interview about his sex life with Anna, complete with a topless photo he took of his then wife.

'We were having so much fun. We also experimented with sex toys.'

News outlets will pay for just about anything with Anna in it.

Mediaite bought the rights to this video of Anna talking about her startup, demonstrating how she 'infiltrated Entrepreneur Week'.

Is nothing safe?

Anna's Facebook profile is still live, complete with glamour shots of her

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