Here's The Real Role Anna Chapman Actually Had At The Hedge Fund Navigator

Anna Chapman

So what did accused Russian spy Anna Chapman really do in finance?

Her LinkedIn profile says she worked in i-banking at Barclays, she worked at the hedge fund Navigator, and that she worked at KIT Fortis Investments. And in a video that’s shown up, ie here the Mirror, Anna said that she could afford an apartment for herself because she knew how to save from her work an investment banker.

“I was also an investment banker at that time and I knew the business model which would be best.”

She’s also said that she worked for Warren Buffett (See video below).

So let’s see how her claims are panning out in reality so far:

  • Claim: i-banking at Barclays  Reality: Barclays told Dealbreaker that Anna didn’t work in i-banking at Barclays, she was in the retail sales division.
  • Claim: worked at Navigator   Reality:  she was the personal assistant of Nicholas Camilleri, chief executive of the Mayfair-based hedge fund company Navigator Asset Management Advisers. (Wayne Sharpe, who is CEO of Bartercard, a trading exchange firm told the Guardian that he met Chapman through her work at Navigator.)
  • Claim: worked for Warren Buffett   Reality: we’ll see
  • Claim: worked at KIT Fortin Investments  Reality: we’ll see

In conclusion: Not particularly well. But we’ll see! More news keeps coming out about this lady.

Now, if you’re interested in her Facebook photos, check them out >>

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