VC Legend Ann Winblad Told Us This Great Bit Of Advice

Ann Winblad

Photo: Boonsri Dickinson, Business Insider

“To be a venture capitalist, you have to look at your glass half full.”That’s good advice from Ann Winblad, partner at Hummer Winblad Venture Capital.

Winbald, is a legend in the software industry, and one of the first women entrepreneurs. She co-founded Open Systems, an accounting software that sold for $15 million.

“Being goal oriented and focused is a glass half full. You have to look at the positive and optimistic side,”¬†Winblad said.

Sure, every VC wants to hear how the company will really build the product and how it can be a market leader. “Our job isn’t to predict the future, but it is to find the future. We have to think about what’s going to come next,” she said.

But what VCs are really investing are the people, she said. And not necessarily a big team. Some of her firm’s best investments were two person startups.

For instance, Hyperion was started by two men who never launched companies before. It sold to Oracle for $3.3 billion. Omniture was started by two guys in Salt Lake City, and was acquired by Adobe for $1.8 billion.

And when it comes to people, the most damaging thing they can do is to worry.

“Women in particular should hold this glass in front of them all the time,” she said and to focus on the positives by thinking about what is going right — not just what isn’t. “Otherwise, you’ll never march forward.”

So when you’re feeling down, remember her advice.

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