Republicans: Obama Is Using Hilary Rosen To Say Things About Ann Romney He Doesn't Want To Say

Ann Romney

Photo: AP

Mitt Romney’s campaign has already begun going full throttle employing Ann Romney as a campaign weapon, the day after she was attacked by Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen. Shortly after Ann Romney appeared on Fox News this morning, the Romney campaign held a conference call on the “failure of women in the Obama economy.” In the aftermath of Rosen’s comments, in which she criticised Ann Romney for never working “a day in her life” as a stay-at-home mother, the call quickly changed tone. 

It served as a way for Republicans to launch an all-out assault on Democrats, who have promoted the notion that Republicans are engaging in a so-called “War on Women.” And it served as a way for Republicans to broaden their attack, as they attempted to generalize Rosen’s comments to Democrats’ and President Barack Obama’s economic policies not working for women. 

Here’s an example of how nuclear Republicans are already going with this: Cynthia Lummis, a U.S. Rep. from Wyoming, said that Obama was using a “surrogate” in Lummis because he did not want to say the statements himself.

“They’re using surrogate women — including Hilary Rosen, who is a paid spokesperson — to deliver messages about Republicans that the president does not want to deliver himself,” Lummis said. “But quite clearly, her remarks are reflective of the message that the political machine within the White House intends to put out.”

Lummis was responding to a question from a reporter that asked why the Romney campaign and Republicans have been eager to push Rosen as an “adviser” to Barack Obama. This is because, in essence, Republicans are eager to disregard fact: Rosen is not an Obama adviser, she is not a paid consultant, and she can’t even be a paid consultant, according to The Washington Post. 

Lummis was pressed on the point, with a follow-up question asking if she really bought into the “paid consultant” bit.

“It’s hard for me to believe that Hilary Rosen, who has visited the White House 35 times recently, and advises on message, would make remarks like that in a … freelancing way. Message is, among other things, disciplined when it comes to who will deliver the message and what the message will be. I don’t believe that Hilary Rosen was speaking in a manner that would indicate she was absolutely freelancing.

Lummis’ comments served as the most attention-grabbing attack on the White House, which later in the day refuted Rosen’s comments. Rosen has also now formally apologized

On the call, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers attempted to broaden the conversation to focus more on the original topic of the call — the economy for women under the Obama administration. But she was able to tie in a reference to Rosen’s comments.

“We want to point to the administration’s policies that are impacting all women, whether they’re stay-at-home mums or working mums,” McMorris Rodgers said. 


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