This Photo Slideshow Company Has The Best Meeting Rooms We've Ever Seen


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animoto working hard in the office

Animoto, which makes a video slideshow creation app, is based in New York City, with an additional office in San Francisco.

The company creates compelling video skins for photo slideshows. That means they take your photos and put them into a cool video format with some added music. It’s quick and very, very easy to use.

When the company celebrated its fifth birthday this past January, it logged more than 6 million registered users and 30 million videos created. More recently, it launched an enhanced version of its platform geared towards professional photographers.

We stopped by their New York office to see how they do what they do.

At the office you open a nondescript door which leads you into Animoto's spacious main area with loads of natural light. There is a relaxed and friendly feel.

And you quickly see the faces behind that feel. Animoto is all about telling stories visually. They also believe in using employees' existing skills and passions ... all the portraits were taken by one of the company's developers.

Developer Justin Camerer (left), was originally from St. Louis, and has been with Animoto for two years.

It is easy to understand how Animoto took home this award.

And it isn't just because they are early adopters on startup office trends ... Foosball is the new ping pong.

Which isn't to say that ping pong tables don't still have a place in the office.

And it is all by the design of these guys, Animoto founders, from left to right: Stevie Clifton, Jason Hsiao, Brad Jefferson, and Tom Clifton.

The plaques behind them contain the core values of the company.

This one shows the life of the Animoto logo.

In addition to the beer, they have some other options.

And a well stocked, and very transparent, fridge.

Animoto may have the coolest meeting rooms we've seen so far. One employee used to design and create theatrical sets. Each meeting room has a theme.

This team actually built out the meeting rooms.

Katie Mulligan, their office coordinator, used to be a set designer. When the team said they wanted a Camelot themed conference room she said let's make it!

And they didn't stop there...this is the situation room. And that is Siddharth Jain, Animoto's VP of Engineering.

Luckily, he didn't have to get on the emergency red phone.

For a more relaxed environment, this office has the feel of an old intellectual saloon.

A Japanese garden for more reflective meetings.

And a Lost-themed room for when you need to isolate and get things done.

It includes a subtle homage to the show's number mythology.

Even the bathrooms are themed ... well at least on the outside ... we didn't go in.

It is a fun office but they also have a good time together out of the office.

And fun doesn't mean no work. Katie Nice, in marketing, has been with Animoto for two years. She and her colleague Becky designed their little area which includes ...

This cool wall of Instagram photos they curate. Anyone from Animoto could submit.

Excuses ... watch out for them.

The back office is home to the engineers and designers.

Crain's isn't the only award they've got. And neither is this.

It takes dedicated engineers to get those awards though.

And hard-working video designers, like Peter Sharp. He does motion graphics and creates the video themes people who use Animoto plug their photos into.

Lauren Smith also works on motion graphics for Animoto, her favourite is the new New York theme.

She keeps this cool little toy around her desk because ... she likes it.

And while we liked the office, it was eventually time to head out.

Now check out a place where you can share the videos you make with Animoto...

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