VIDEO: An Animated Depiction Of The Miami Hurricanes Scandal

The Yahoo! Sports investigative team did an excellent job compiling evidence, writing reports and breaking open the Miami Hurricanes scandal this week. Yahoo!, however, did not provide the definitive visual presentation of the scandal. That honour belongs to NMA World Edition, the definitive source when it comes to goofy animated representations of the sports world’s biggest scandal.

NMA World Edition has been busy on Friday, putting together an animation for the Miami scandal, as well as the Georgetown basketball brawl. The latter is brilliantly done, and involves adorable, angry pandas. The former, seen below, is an interesting take on the scandal detailed by former Miami booster Nevin Shapiro.

This video has a bit of everything, including Shapiro flying over showers full of Miami players while making it rain from a box labelled “contract.” Apparently the whole prostitution part of the scandal was just a misunderstanding, as well. The animation portrays it as sessions of “Tackling 101” which take place at a shady, hourly-rate hotel. Frying pans also double as sonogram machines, so that’s something.

As always the animation is an instant classic and completely accurate. Just close up the investigation now. This is all the proof we need.

This post originally appeared at SB Nation.