6 creatures you can name after your ex this Valentine's Day, thanks to zoos and animal centres

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty ImagesOne of these salmon is about to be eaten by a bear, and could be named after your ex.
  • This year, lots of zoos and aquariums are running promotions where you can name a zoo creature after your ex.
  • Most of the animals/bugs will be fed to other animals, on live stream, on Valentine’s Day.
  • From salmon to cockroaches – you have lots of options to choose from for this lighthearted revenge.

Valentine’s Day: bah humbug.

Many couples love it; some single folks manage to tolerate (or sometimes enjoy) it. For others, it simply brings up bitter memories of horrible exes gone by.

It can take a lot of effort to get over someone you once loved, even if you know the decision may have been for the better. Even still, sometimes it takes a little bit of innocent petty fun to shut a person out of your heart and mind for good.

This Valentine’s Day, quash your grudges and celebrate moving on by trying a new tradition: naming a creepy, crawly animal after your ex.

You can fittingly name one of the world’s most venomous snake after your ex.

Janelle Lugge/ShutterstockBrown snake.

If your ex turned out to be a snake, give them a fitting namesake. At the WILD LIFE Zoo in Sydney, Australia, you can enter a contest for the opportunity name a brown snake – one of the world’s most venomous snakes – after a past lover this Valentine’s Day.

Name a cockroach with impending doom after your ex in Texas.


At the El Paso Zoo in Texas, you can name a cockroach after your ex during as a part of their “Quit Bugging Me” promotion. On Valentine’s Day, the zoo will live stream the bugs being fed to meerkats via their Facebook page for the whole world to see.

Or, name a cockroach after your ex in England.


For just £1.50 (or $US2), the Hemsley Conservation Centre in southern England will also name a cockroach after your ex. You will receive a certificate confirming your purchase, and your ex’s name will go up on the “roach board” at the center’s cockroach enclosure.

Name a salmon after your ex and watch it get fed to a bear.

This Valentine’s Day, the Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center in Oregon will name a salmon after your ex and feed it to their brown bears, Kodi and Yak, for just $US20.

The Richmond Wildlife Center in Virginia gives you options.

porpeller/ iStockBeetle.

At the Richmond Wildlife Center in Virginia, you can name a variety of bugs after your past lover. For a $US2 donation, you can pick a mealworm, beetle, or wax worm; for $US5, you can name a hornworm after your ex. The page will stream all worms being fed to animals in their care via Facebook Live on Valentine’s Day.

Name a sea urchin after your ex and watch it get fed to adorable otters.

Flickr/kathleenreedSea urchin.

Spend Valentine’s Day at the Vancouver Aquarium with someone even cuter than your ex. During a special V-Day promotion, you can buy a tasty sea urchin snack for the aquarium’s otters – and reportedly, if you ask nicely, staff will name the urchin after your ex before lunchtime begins.

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