PETA just trolled the #ChickenTweet marketing campaign with some pretty confronting translations

‘Betty’ at work for Chicken Treat. Source: Screenshot

Perth fast food chain Chicken Treat launched an irresistible marketing campaign earlier this month when it put a chicken in charge of its Twitter account.

While her colleagues are being served up roasted, in spicy fried meal deals, burgers and wraps, Betty the chook is pecking away at the keyboard with the company hoping she’ll crack the Guinness Book of World Records by tweeting a five-letter English word.

So far, her tweets to the company’s 29,000 followers look more like a formula to explain physicist Stephen Hawking’s black hole theories:

But the chicken version of infinite monkey theorem is paying off the 39-year-old, 70-store chain, which has seen sales jump 8% in just 10 days.

Enter vegan-inclined PETA, with 603,000 Twitter followers, an animal rights group with a confrontational style, which started trolling the Chicken Treat account on the weekend, hijacking the #ChickenTweet hashtag in the process.

This afternoon PETA took on the Chicken Treat account in earnest with “translations” of Betty’s tweets that highlight less-than-savoury aspects of the chicken meat industry.

Betty has yet to reply to PETA.

Her most recent comment was simply:

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