This artist turns your favourite viral animal memes into hilarious clay sculptures

Memes become sculptures. Courtesy of @meetissai

A Japanese artist that wishes to remain anonymous brings some of the best and most viral animal memes to life with super realistic clay sculptures. Of course, the internet is here for it.

INSIDER spoke with the artist, known as Meetissai, to learn more about the adorable project.

The sculptor started the project after searching for an IRL version of their favourite animal meme. Unable to find one, they decided to make their own.

It takes 10 days to make each sculpture, including this one of the Bullet Cat meme.

The artist told INSIDER that their personal favourite is the cat walking on two legs.

Each sculpture is made out of epoxy putty and stone powder clay.

Every sculpture is also meticulously painted by hand.

Although most of the creations are cats, Meetissai creates sculptures of other animals, too.

If an animal meme is going viral, you’ll likely see a Meetissai original of it soon.


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