RAJ defence ATTACKS: Anil Kumar Is The Greediest, Most Corrupt Person


[credit provider=”Reuters” url=”http://in.reuters.com/article/2011/03/11/idINIndia-55479220110311″]

The defence is trying to prove that Anil Kumar lied on the witness stand.”Anil Kumar might be the most dishonest person in the world,” the defence attorney, John Dowd, told the jury. “He’s the greediest, most corrupt person.” 

Their proof the defence has that Kumar lied is a little stretched, but technically he did change his answer.

Dowd says that Kumar lied on the stand at least twice. First he lied by saying that he didn’t consult with Mindspirit, and that he ripped up the consulting agreement contract between Mindspirit and Infowise. And he lied again by admitting to faking documents from Manju Das (hishousekeeper) because Galleon and Morgan Stanley were asking for confirmation of her address in India (where Raj was allegedly wiring money into Das’ account, which was really Kumar’s account) in order to conduct due diligence.

The defence showed Kumar’s two different answers to the the question, did you forge the documents to show Morgan Stanley and Galleon? First Kumar said “No, sir,” I got a note from her Doctor who had been her doctor for 15 years…

And then later in his testimony, Kumar was asked, Did you forge the documents because Galleon and Morgan Stanley were demanding them?

And he said, “Yes, sir.”

The stretch on the defence’s part is that Kumar was asked slightly different questions and that when he answered, “Yes, sir,” it was his third “yes, sir” answer and it might have seemed robotic more than an admission of guilt.