Indian Billionaire Anil Ambani Runs Marathons To Stay Sane

Anil Ambani
Ambani running the 2009 Mumbai Marathon

[credit provider=”Vishhh via flickr “]

American CEOs have taken to the sport; European executives, not so much. It’s surprising, then, to find that marathon running is one of the latest trends among India’s business elite.  The country’s fourth-richest billionaire, Anil Ambani, often runs the streets of Mumbai before dawn with his bodyguards, reports the Economist. He first trained for the Boston Marathon in 2003 after someone questioned his weight at an investor’s conference in New York. 

Now he’s a serial marathon runner. There’s even a Bollywood film about his great feats: 42 Kms

“At a deeper level, running is about pushing the limits, of realising one’s possibilities,” he told Businessweek

Ambani also says it helps him run one of the world’s largest conglomerates, Reliance ADA Group

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