Dubai Firm Charged Pentagon "$80 For A $1 Pipe" And Other Overbillings Adding Up To $4.4 Million

Circuit breaker

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Proving correct everything that’s said about out-of-control pentagon spending, Dubai company Anham overbilled the U.S. $4.4 million — one small part at a time.According to Bloomberg some of the charges were:

  • $900 for a $7.05 electronic control switch
  • $4,500 for a $183.30 circuit breaker
  • $3,000 for a $94.47 circuit breaker
  • $80 for a small piece of drain pipe worth $1.41
  • $900 for a water level control switch worth $7.05

“When Anham was asked to buy a loudspeaker system to alert warehouse employees of any danger, it chose not to buy the system directly from the manufacturer at the retail price of $44,615, the report said.

Instead, Anham sought bids from subcontractors and paid a company called Knowlogy $90,908. That price included $20,000 for installation, even though the system setup meant little more than wheeling it into place and plugging it in.”

Discovered in a new audit on a $300 million contract with Anham, the revelations call into question how the $3.9 billion in Iraq and Afghanistan contracts are being allocated as well.

Since the Iraq war began, the U.S. has executed 34,728 contracts worth $35.9 billion, and the special inspector general has called into question 39 per cent of those reviewed so far.

This follows reports last week that Afghan officials are stealing $10 million a day from U.S. tax payers >

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