Angry Text Sent By Indonesian Security Chief After Tony Abbott's Asylum Seeker Comments

Indonesia-Tony Abbott Indonesian protesters hold pictures of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott during an anti-spying protest outside the Australian Embassy on November 26, 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Getty

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Australia would continue to prevent asylum seekers reaching its shores.

And then Fairfax Media received a statement from Djoko Suyanto, the Indonesian security affairs minister in a text.

“[Australia] must understand the meaning of the sovereignty of the republic of Indonesia, which the Australian navy breached in the way it did,” Air Marshal Djoko said.

“The turnback of asylum seekers who have already crossed the territorial border of any country (including Australia), must be dealt with by that particular country in accordance with the mandate of UN convention, and they must manage the together with UNHCR and IOM [International Organisation for Migration].

Indonesia will continue to increase its maritime patrols to prevent such incident from recurring.”

Australia’s navy was recently forced to admit one of its vessels had inadvertently breached indonesian waters while engaged in a people smuggling-related operation.

Meanwhile, The ABC reported yesterday that asylum seekers claimed the Australian Navy forced them to hold hot engine pipes on a boat, resulting in severe burns.

And they’re just the latest developments in an escalating diplomatic row over Australia’s stance on people smuggling, which appears to be getting worse by the week.

There’s more here.

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