Paula Deen Fans Are Going Absolutely Nuclear The Food Network's Facebook Page

After the Food Network dropped Paula Deen from its lineup amid a controversy that she used racial slurs in the past, the Southern cooking star’s fans have turned the TV channel’s Facebook page into a total war zone. 

You could spend ours going through the thousands of angry comments directed at the Food Network for not renewing Deen’s contract.  The Facebook page also shows that more than 112,000 people are talking about them on the social network. 

Here’s a small sampling of what Deen’s fans had to say to the Food Network’s lemon pasta salad “recipe of the day.”

via FacebookFor the zucchini casserole “recipe of the day” post there are more than 16,000 comments and virtually none of them are about the recipe. 

via FacebookHere’s what fans had to say on  post about a best summer salad from the Food Network Star vs. Chopped Summer Showdown.  Again, they weren’t talking about the salad or those respective shows.  The comments were about Deen. 

food network facebook

Fans are even going ballistic on posts from a couple days before Deen was dropped. Here’s the one for the show “Chopped.” 

via FacebookAnd another from an ice cream sandwich recipe from June 19: 

via FacebookThe outpouring of support for Deen continues to come in… 

via Facebook

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