Angry Emails From Julia Gillard's Ex-Media Adviser Have Been Leaked

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Emails sent by John McTernan, the crack media adviser imported from the UK by former prime minister Julia Gillard, have been leaked to The ABC.

McTernan was a divisive figure during Gillard’s time as PM, who among other things helped orchestrate her famous misogyny speech.

The ABC’s report basically details the somewhat blunt emails supposedly sent to staff in Gillard’s office, and claims McTernan told taxpayer-funded employees to help Mark Latham research one of his newspaper columns.

The article says a group email was sent around Gillard’s office, asking staff to clean their desks so the place looked like somewhere a prime minister would work.

Reportedly someone joked that McTernan’s workspace was one that needed to be cleaned, to which the spin doctor replied: “C***, you will be c**ted too”.

Before working for Gillard, McTernan served as a political adviser to former British prime minister Tony Blair.

You can read more here.

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