Angry Birds Space Is Out And It's Amazing!

angry birds space ipad

Photo: Screenshot

The wait is over. Rovio just released Angry Birds Space.

Yes, it’s awesome.

Instead of the same old boring physics as other Angry Birds titles, this one uses a combination of gravity wells and zero-G to launch your birds into orbit around tiny planetoids. 

It’s a blast.

By the way, it doesn’t end with Angry Birds Space. Rovio has plans to make four more Angry Birds games before the year is up.

Angry Birds Space is available on pretty much every major platform. Download it for iPhone ($0.99), iPad ($2.99), Android (Free, ad-supported), Mac ($4.99), and PC ($5.95).

The welcome screen

Tap the green triangle to start playing. But first let's watch the intro movie. Tap the button in the bottom right corner

Looks like the Angry Birds were just relaxing on Earth...

...but then they get sucked into a wormhole!

Now our heroes must save their eggs!

First, a quick storyboard setting up the action

That loop around the planetoid represents the atmosphere. You can also see the gravity well surrounding it.

Birds go into orbit when launched near a planet

The dotted line helps you plot your orbit.

Sometimes you have to launch backwards in order to hit your target

When there are two gravity wells, you can enter the orbit around a second planet

See that pig in the bubble? If you pop it, he freezes in the cold vacuum of space.

You can unlock achievements in the Game centre too.

The gravity wells add a whole new level of strategy to the game.

The exploding bird can send bricks and other objects flying through space.

Levels get more difficult as you progress.

Angry Birds Space looks great on the new iPad...

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