'Angry Birds' Game Studio Rovio Launches A New Game, 'RETRY,' That's Impossibly Hard

Rovio, the game studio behind the wildly popular “Angry Birds” franchise, has released a new game called “RETRY.”

Instead of launching an angry bird, “RETRY” puts you in control of a tiny unwieldy plane as you avoid obstacles and try to make your ways through colourful 8-bit levels.

The gameplay is similar to the viral game “Flappy Bird” and “Copter” in that you need to keep the plane afloat and away from each level’s walls and obstacles.

“RETRY” throws a monkey wrench into the mix, however, with the flight mechanics for the plane, which can perform a circular loop or even stall out.

The flight mechanics are tough to get the hang of, and that’s where the “RETRY” name makes sense: Rovio has clearly learned from the success of the incredibly difficult “Flappy Bird” and its successor, “Swing Copters.”

As you complete levels, you’ll see your progress tracked on a colourful 8-bit map. “RETRY” is a freemium game, meaning that while you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy it, you can always make an in-app purchase for gold coins to unlock the next level if you’re stumped.

“RETRY’s” debut follows a rocky time at Rovio. The game studio recently announced it was laying off 130 people, and after profits plunged 52% in fiscal 2013, Rovio announced its CEO, Mikael Hed, would be replaced.

Rovio has made a recent push, however, launching “Angry Birds Stella,” a female-centric spinoff of “Angry Birds,” and now “RETRY.”

You can download “RETRY” for iOS over at the App Store, and for Android at the Google Play store.

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