Angels Can Afford Albert Pujols Thanks To Their Next TV Contract

Albert Pujols

[credit provider=”Wikimedia Commons”]

The Angels are currently negotiating their next television deal with Fox. And early estimates show that it will be a huge revenue boost for the team, and explains how they can afford to give one player $254 million.The Angels current TV deal pays them $50 million per year through 2015. However, according to Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times, the Angels are currently negotiating a new deal that would likely command more than the $80 million-per-year deal the Rangers recently signed. And if we use the Dodgers as a gauge, it could easily surpass $100 million a year.

According to Richard Sandomir of the New York Times, the Dodgers next TV deal could be worth as much as $300 million a year. And while the Angels are not the Dodgers, they did just add Albert Pujols to the roster. So it is not hard to imagine that the Angels new deal would be worth at least $150 million per year.

That’s $1.5 billion over 10 years, or $1 billion more than they would receive at their current rate. That’s an additional $1 billion in revenue without having to lift a finger.

All of the sudden, $250 million for Pujols doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.