Putting Millions In Startups’ Pockets, AngelList Is Crushing It

naval ravikant angellist
AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant

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AngelList, the service that works as a Match.com for startups and investors, is doing really well. It’s one and a half years old today, and so the AngelList co-founders have a post up with some pretty impressive stats: 8,000 intros, 400 investments and 8 acquisitions already.

And these numbers are only minimums: plenty of startup funding transactions are relatively confidential, and AngelList often doesn’t know when a startup got funded through its platform. They guesstimate that “the actual numbers are probably 25-100% higher.”

Startups love AngelList. And some investors love it as well, because it’s insta-dealflow. But some investors have also criticised it, saying it encourages herd behaviour. And some investors, particularly VCs, are probably scared of it, because it makes it democratizes access to funding, and to aggregate angels, meaning startups can sometimes raise as much money from angels as they would from a VC.

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