Here's Your First Look At The First Angelina Jolie-Directed Movie (VIDEO)

In The Land Of Blood And Honey

Angelina Jolie‘s debut as writer/director is finally here.The first trailer for “In The Land Of Blood And Honey,” the first movie written and directed by Jolie, was released Friday.

The movie (that-almost-wasn’t) tells the story of a relationship between “a Serbian rape camp administrator and a Bosnian-Muslim woman and war victim” in mid-’90s war-torn Bosnia.

Last October, Jolie’s permit to shoot in Bosnia was cancelled due to incomplete paperwork amid protests from local women’s rights groups. (The permit was returned soon after).

Jolie is not part of the film’s cast, which includes local actors who filmed in both English and Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian.

The movie hits theatres on December 23. Trailer below.

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