Angela Merkel's Growing Contempt For The Rest Of Europe Is Growing More Clear By The Day

Angela Merkel


Angela Merkel is letting it be known that she’s sickened by her European counterparts.Bloomberg:

In a speech to lawmakers in Berlin today before heading to Brussels for the summit with fellow EU leaders, Merkel chided member states that flaunt EU budget-deficit rules, saying that budget restraint is a requirement for all members of the euro region.

No “trickery” can be allowed to “play with Europe’s future,” he said. A “good European” protects euro-region stability.

She went on to reiterate her stance that aid to Greece come only after Greeece failed to access capital markets. So, basically, she wants Greece to jump, and if the parachute doesn’t open, the Germany may play some role in putting out a net.

But again, this isn’t even the main event anymore. The main event is Merkel vs. Sarkozy, Trichet, and all the rest a divide that truly torpedoes the European vision. Now in her speeches, she can’t help but lash out at them for not being “good Europeans.”

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