A look inside the daily life of Angela Merkel, a former chemist who can get by on only 4 hours of sleep

German Chancellor Angela MerkelSean Gallup/Getty ImagesShe’s one of the most powerful people in the world.

All eyes were on Germany this weekend, as the G20 summit was hosted in Hamburg.

That means that, thanks in part to yet an awkward encounter with US President Donald, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is back in the spotlight in the US.

Since becoming chancellor in 2005, the former chemist has managed to cultivate an “image of deep personal integrity and a tightly guarded private life,” writes Melissa Eddy in the New York Times.

As a result, information about her personal life is somewhat thin, compared with what we know about other world leaders.

However, by piecing together various details, one can come away with a view of the chancellor’s daily routine:

Merkel starts the day with breakfast. According to TIME and Der Spiegel, she once told ex-Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan that she eats breakfast with her husband Joachim Sauer every morning.

Steffi Loos / Stringer / Getty Images

Sources: TIME, Der Spiegel

Over breakfast, Sauer, a professor of chemistry 'presses (Merkel) on political issues like any ordinary citizen would,' according to Reuters.

Pool/Getty Images

Source: Reuters

Sauer and Merkel are said to enjoy hiking and attending the opera together. Reuters reported that the chemist is also extremely frugal, often flying on budget airlines instead of accompanying Merkel in a government jet.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Sources: TIME, Der Spiegel, Reuters

While at work, Merkel adopts an almost scientific approach to politics.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Sources: Business Insider, BBC

'People often accuse me of not acting fast enough,' she said, in a BBC documentary. 'That I let things go on too long. For me it's important I deliberate all options ... running through scenarios, and not simply theoretical experiments in my head.'

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Sources: Business Insider, BBC

As a result, Merkel is never one to rush into a decision. 'I am, I think, courageous at the decisive moment,' she said, according to a 2007 biography. 'But I need a good deal of start-up time, and I try to take as much as possible into consideration beforehand.'

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Source: 'Angela Merkel,' by Cliff Mills

Outside of the political realm, Merkel is a fan of soccer. She befriended the victorious German national team during their journey to winning the World Cup in 2014.

Handout/Getty Images

Sources: The Guardian, TIME

Merkel's favourite food is said to be green cabbage and Mettwurst -- or minced pork sausage. She was elected 'Cabbage Queen' in Oldenburg in 2001.

Sebastian Widmann / Stringer / Getty Images

Sources: The Telegraph, The Guardian, CafeBabel

The chancellor is a talented chef, although it's unclear if she has much time to cook for herself these days. Some of her signature dishes include potato soup, beef loaf, and plum cake.

Sebastian Widmann / Stringer / Getty Images

Sources: The Telegraph, The Guardian, CafeBabel

Merkel has also retained one food-related habit from her upbringing in shortage-prone East Germany. In an interview with German magazine Superillu, she said, 'I still buy something as soon as I see it, even when I don't really need it. 'It's a deep-seated habit stemming from the fact that in an economy where things were scarce, you just used to get what you could when you could.'

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Sources: The Guardian, Superillu

The daughter of a Lutheran pastor, Merkel is a practicing Christian and a member of the Evangelical Church in Berlin, Brandenburg and Silesian Upper Lusatia.

Sean Gallup / Getty Imagse

Source: The Economist

It's unclear when Merkel goes to bed, but she has said that she often goes without rest, and can function on only four hours of sleep.

Steffi Loos / Stringer / Getty Images

Sources: BBC, Financial Times, The Local

The German chancellor catches up on sleep on the weekends: 'I have camel-like abilities, an ability to save things up -- and afterwards I have to fill up again.'

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Sources: BBC, Financial Times, The Local

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