Apple Must Be Paying New Hire Angela Ahrendts Gobs Of Cash Since She Made ~ $US27 Million Last Year

Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry, has been poached by Apple. She’s heading up its retail division.

It isn’t clear what her salary at Apple will be, but given her track record, you can assume she’ll be paid handsomely.

Last year, Ahrendts was named the highest-paid person on the FTSE 100, The Independent’s Laura Chesters reported in July. That means she was the highest-paid executive in all of Britain. Her total pay package was ~ $US27 million, $US19 million of which was awarded in Burberry shares.

Earlier this year, her pay was reduced to nearly $US11 million, but that’s still a ton of money.

The Independent writes why Ahrendts has earned such a high salary.

“When she arrived at Burberry in July 2006, the brand was in a turnaround mode put in place by the former chief executive, and another American woman, Rose Marie Bravo….Since she took over, the fashion label has consistently outperformed the FTSE 100. A sum of £100 invested in 2008 would be worth over £360 today — against around £150 for the FTSE 100 as a whole.”

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