Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine Preps For Apple's iPad

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Interview is ready for Apple’s iPad.

Interview, a magazine founded by Andy Warhol that features celebrities interviewing other celebrities, will debut its 40th anniversary issue on the device by shipping day.

Perhaps if Andy himself was around to help recreate the magazine, the demo would be a bit more interesting.

The demo is not much different from other publisher apps–there’s zoom capabilities, video, audio and behind-the-scenes pictures. Certainly, having the larger screen will allow publishers like Interview to feature larger ads than they ever could on the iPhone.

Issues included on the iPad: the 40th anniversary issue featuring Twilight girl and The Runaways star Kristen Stewart on the cover; the December/January 2010 issue, with Penelope Cruz; the February 2010 edition featuring coverboy Jay-Z; and their March 2010 issue, according to the Huffington Post.

According to the magazine’s statement: “As with his art, Warhol re-wrote the rulebook with Interview, creating an innovative, intelligent, sophisticated, cutting-edge magazine that was culturally impactful, pushed the boundaries of the medium, and reinvented what a magazine could be. So it’s entirely fitting that Interview is once again at the forefront of reinventing the magazine experience for Apple’s iPad, combining the benefits of the digital age with the familiar advantages of Guttenberg’s printing press to deliver a groundbreaking, knock-out reader experience. One could call Interview magazine on the iPad ‘an affordable Warhol screenprint.'”

Watch the video at the Huffington Post.

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