Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers revived a long-lost 'SNL' sketch

Andy samberg seth meyers late night nbc‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’/NBC/YouTubeAndy Samberg and Seth Meyers on NBC’s ‘Late Night’ show.

Seth Meyers gave Andy Samberg a do-over on a “Saturday Night Live” sketch that never made it to air.

“Hello and welcome to Second Chance Theatre, where we give new life to sketches that were cut from ‘Saturday Night Live,'” Meyers opened the “Late Night” segment, which mimicked the style of PBS’s “Masterpiece Theatre.” 

“Some are cut unfairly,” Meyers continued, “and some, like tonight’s, were cut for cause.”

Titled “Wanna Come With?” the sketch features Samberg’s character (and the comedian’s 2006 hair) out at a bar with coworkers and continually asking them if they want to go to the bathroom with him.

“I’m super-faded. I’m going to hit the head,” he says. “Anyone want to come with?”

Samberg’s character gets rejected over and over again, increasingly annoying the others. Greta Gerwig and “SNL’s” Kenan Ivory Thompson also showed up to play coworkers.

In a funny Q&A after the segment, Samberg’s cowriter on the sketch, “SNL’s” Colin Jost, confirmed that it was based on true events. But in real life, Samberg took it up a notch.

Jost recalled: “The other thing he would do, Andy would ask you to the bathroom. Then while you were in the bathroom, he would sneak out and scare you, thereby not making anyone want to go to the bathroom with you.”

So how did Samberg feel about having the second chance at the nixed sketch?

“I would say tonight, much better, uh, hair identical — I feel like I went in a time machine, I’m going to run laps. Yeah, I think it landed a lot better by setting it up by saying it was crappy. Does that make sense? We should be able to do that on ‘SNL.'”

Watch the sketch and Q&A below:


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