Andy Samberg found a way to mention Jimmy Fallon in every interview he did for his new movie

Andy Samberg had a fun gift for Jimmy Fallon when he appeared on Monday’s “Tonight Show.” He and the other guys behind the movie “Popstar” mentioned the late-night host in every press tour interview they did for the movie.

Press tour interviews can start feeling very repetitive and can become exhausting, so Samberg and his partners — Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone — who make up comedy trio Lonely Island gave themselves something to keep the tour interesting.

“We’re like we need something to keep our sparks flying a little, something exciting to do during the interviews,” Samberg explained. “So we turned it into a game where we would try and mention [Jimmy Fallon] as much as possible without anyone sort of knowing that’s what we were doing, because I knew I was coming here at the end of everything and then I could show it to you.”

They accomplished this by extolling the wisdom of Fallon, who they worked with at “Saturday Night Live,” offering hilarious statements, such as:

  • “You know what Jimmy Fallon says, ‘Truth is stranger than not truth.'”
  • “Well, Jimmy Fallon always says that wavelengths are like earth, everybody’s on the same one.”
  • “You know it’s like Jimmy Fallon always says, ‘Un elefante, no es un perro.'” (Translation: An elephant isn’t a dog.)

“It made perfect sense in context,” Samberg joked after the clips played.

“I’m honored,” Fallon said.

Watch the video below:

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