Andy Samberg just gave out a real HBO Now account during the Emmys and now everyone is signing in to use it

The Emmys are one big celebration of network, cable, and online television. 

It’s difficult to appreciate all of the winners if you don’t have subscriptions to all of the networks. 

Noting that HBO has the most nominations of the night, host Andy Samberg took it upon himself during the show to give out a seemingly fake HBO Now email account and password. 

“HBO has the most nominations tonight, and I just realised that a lot of you watching it at home right now might not have an HBO subscribtion,” said  But, lucky for you, the CEO of HBO recently said that he doesn’t think password sharing for their streaming services is a problem, so here’s my HBO now password.”

“This is 100% real,” assured Samberg. “So to all of our millions of viewers, everyone out there, go to town. Check out ‘Game of Thrones.’ Watch a buttload of ‘Arliss.’ HBO doesn’t care. They said so on the record.”

Fans wasted no time trying it out, and, to their surprise, it actually worked!

We were able to get in ourselves.

Here’s what we saw when we logged in.

Here’s how the preferences looked. Curious email there, but it’s likely people were going in and changing the account email and info upon login. We tried that phone number, but found it quickly changed upon another login. 

Here’s how it reads as of our last login. It looks like it’s been taken control of since earlier.


Not everyone was able to login though. 

So many people tried logging in that it caused HBO to lock down the amount of people signing in to the account.

HBO seems to be taking kindly to Andy’s generous offer, tweeting out the account for anyone who may have missed out.


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