Philadelphia Eagles Owner To Coach: You Will Be Fired If We Go 8-8 Again

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Photo: AP

The Eagles enter the 2012 season with considerably lower expectations than they faced last year.There’s no “Dream Team” label, or cross-sport comparisons with talent-laden superteams like the Heat or Yankees.

But that doesn’t mean this team doesn’t need to win. Here’s an excerpt from Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer, where owner Jeffrey Lurie makes expectations clear:

Lurie said he didn’t want to make blanket statements – having made one – and that all decisions will be arrived at calmly and analytically after the season, but he also said the four magic words when asked if another 8-8 season would be good enough to keep Reid as coach.

“No, it would not,” Lurie said.

Simple enough.

8-8, and Reid is out.

As bad as this team was last year, they weren’t too far away from a playoff spot and actually finished the season pretty strong. They have all the talent in the world — including one of the top 5 running backs in the league in Shady McCoy. So 8-8 should be a breeze if Vick is healthy for a good amount of the season.

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