Jorge Posada Says Andy Pettitte Might Not Be Done

andy pettitte new york yankees mlb

Those problems with the Yankees’ rotation?

Don’t panic just yet, because Jorge Posada says he’s not quite sure that Andy Pettitte is gone for good.

If anyone has a pulse on Pettitte’s feelings about retirement, it’s Posada, who is one of Pettitte’s closest friends. 

Posada’s comments about Pettitte’s uncertainty are in line with many of the stories that emerged in the wake of Pettitte’s retirement.  It sounds like even Pettitte’s teammates aren’t sure that he was completely convinced that he was making the right decision.

The Yankees will likely start the year with a patchwork rotation, but if Posada’s suspicions are correct, they may not have to deal with it for too long. 

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