Wimbledon Champ Andy Murray Stands To Collect $74 Million In Endorsement Deals [The Brief]

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Good morning, AdLand! Here’s what you need to know before you head into your first meeting of the day …

Andy-monium has overtaken the ad business: Andy Murray‘s win at Wimbledon could mean up to $74 million in endorsement deals for the Scottish player. He already earns $12 million a year from sponsors. His victory has been added onto a famous Robinson’s ad from four years ago (by BBH) which wistfully examined what it might be like if a Brit finally won the tournament again. A bunch of sports brands have made “congratulations” ads.

A Colgate promotion in which the company offered free electric toothbrushes worth £170 ($252 U.S.) to anyone who brought an old electric brush to London’s busy Waterloo station went badly wrong when the event was mobbed. Most people did not get a new toothbrush, making headlines across London.

Ronney Chong, an art director at Grey, wants you to send him pictures of your ad agency desk so he can display them on this Tumblr of Ad desks.

Instagram video and Vine are already being professionalized by ad agencies, Adweek reports.

A bunch of people complained about a Sam Adams beer ad which omitted mention of “the Creator” from a recitation of the Declaration of Independence. The company explained that alcohol advertising rules prohibit religious references in booze marketing. Can’t have it both ways, people!

Shazam, the audio fingerprinting company that most people know as a music ID app — but which has made a major push into advertising recently — took a $40 million funding round from investors.

Up to 50% of internet users are now sending some sort of Do Not Track signal to advertisers using cookies.

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