Andy Murray Panicked When He Couldn't Find His Sponsor's Watch

andy murray

Photo: YouTube screencap

After becoming Britain’s first male grand slam winner on an emotional night in New York, Andy Murray dropped to his knees, took off his wristbands and discovered one element of his timing was missing on the night. Rather than a roar of victory his first words were: “I don’t have my watch.”Even with the backdrop of thousands of cheering fans television microphones captured the Scots less than edifying first words as a grand slam champion.

“I don’t have it, I don’t have it,” he said, pointing to his wrist and looking up to his girlfriend Kim Sears for help.

“Have you got my watch? I don’t have my watch,” he asked of her, before she helpfully pointed to one of his bags.

It may seem strange that at such a time Murray’s thoughts would turn to his personal timepiece. Less so when you consider he recently signed a sponsorship deal with watchmakers Rado and he was moments away from having his picture taken lifting his night’s spoils with bare wrists.

After digging in his bag Murray retrieved his £2,500 D-Star Automatic Chronograph in plenty of time to show it off to the world.

A seven figure sponsorship deal, it seems, can concentrate the mind even at the moment of triumph.

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