Andy Dalton's Nightmare Meltdown Against The Chargers, In 5 GIFs

The San Diego Chargers pulled off the biggest upset of wild card weekend, beating the Cincinnati Bengals 27-10 on the road.

A brutal three-possession stretch in the second half from Bengals QB Andy Dalton was the difference in the game.

Down 14-10, Dalton fumbled without getting touched, threw an interception that set up a field goal, and threw another interception to seal the game.

By rule, the ground isn’t allowed to cause a fumble if a player is being touched. But as you can see, Dalton forced this fumble all by himself (via KSK and Buzzfeed):

Andy dalton fumbles
Dalton fumbles 3

On the next possession, he threw an interception. A Chargers field goal made it 20-10 (via @gifdsports):

On the next possession, he threw yet another INT (via @gifdsports):

Turnover differential is the stat that’s most highly correlated to winning. Dalton’s rough three possessions just destroyed his team’s chances.

A day to forget (via @cjzero):

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