MOBILE INSIGHTS: Is Market Share Overrated?

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John Kirk: Android’s Market Share Is Literally a Joke (Techpinions)
It’s a provocative claim, but not one that really holds up to scrutiny. Kirk makes the not particularly novel argument that a company’s profit share is more important than market share. In other words, in the smartphone market it’s much better to be Apple than Google. But the more important point is that Google is only tangentially a hardware manufacturer, so profit share isn’t a key metric for Android. Android is an extension of Google’s core business: software and, above all else— advertising. Where Kirk’s argument really falls apart, however, is his claim that if two companies have the same share of profits, the company with a smaller market share is in a better position because it doesn’t have to work as hard for its profits. This is a bizarre claim: making smartphones isn’t the same as chopping wood, factories don’t get tired from making those extra smartphones. Also it may be beneficial to have greater market share for other reasons. Samsung is selling many phones to first-time smartphone owners, and it’s banking on upselling them in the future, boosting profit share (first-time buyers tend to buy more basic models). A larger market share gives you a much larger upside. Read >         How I Used SEO To Reach 150,00 App Downloads (Business2Community)
Alex Genadinik explains how he employed simple search engine optimization concepts to help people find and download his apps for entrepreneurs on the Web and in the app store. An app’s title and description counts for a lot. Read > 

Media Tablets Used By One-Third of Adult Americans
A new study by the Donald W. Reynolds Institute For Journalism puts tablet penetration past one-third of the U.S. population. Interestingly, it also found that 80% of tablet owners were subscribing to digital newspapers were bundled with print. Read >

A New Look For iOS7 (9to5Mac)
Apple design executive Jony Ive is expected to unveil a huge redesign of iOS at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. It is described as “black, white, and flat all over,” dropping heavy textures and introducing new black and white user interfaces. Read > 

Social Drives Mobile Video Views (MarketingCharts)
A new study from Telly/Harris Interactive indicates that searching for videos in a mobile app like YouTube or Vimeo is still the primary mobile video discovery method. Second, however, is videos shared by friends on social feeds. Read > 

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