Here's Everything You'll Be Able To Do With Google's New Smartwatches

Google announced today that it plans to bring Android to smartwatches as part of its newest wearable computing platform called Android Wear. The software will soon be open to developers, but Google has provided a sneak peek at how its smartphone OS will translate to wristwatches.

Android Wear will primarily focus on bringing snippets of information to your wrist that can be viewed at a glance. These include social notifications, updates from fitness apps, the weather, and Google Now services.

Android Wear will essentially bring Google Maps to your wrist.

You can check the current weather in your area.

Weather on Android Wear

You'll be able to conduct Google searches just by speaking to your watch.

Text messages and social media updates will appear on your wrist. You can reply by speaking out loud to the watch.

Android Wear can display updates from sports teams on your wrist.

It can help you find out the name and artist of any song currently playing, sort of like the popular Shazam app.

It can display updates on your flight's status and your boarding pass barcode directly on your wrist.

Android Wear will push fitness notifications to your watch.

It can find nearby areas of interest based on your location.

Android Wear can show you nearby transportation info.

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