Why Is Android A Complete And Utter Failure In The Tablet Market?

Tim Cook Apple

Photo: AP

Apple’s announcement that it sold 3 million new iPads in four days, makes it even clearer that the tablet market is a one horse race.The iPad is obliterating Android, and Microsoft has yet to even enter the race.

At the end of February, Andy Rubin said there were 12 million Android tablets on the market. Apple sold a fourth of that in four days. It sells that many every three months.

The closest competitor to the iPad, the Kindle, sold just 3 million units during the holiday period, according to our estimate.

So, what the heck is going on here? Why is Apple so far ahead of its rivals as it starts year three of the iPad?

Some obvious answers:

The iPad is better. It has better operating system. It has more applications.¬†Yes, but so did the iPhone. Android eventually caught up…

This time is different. Apple can sell iPads to everyone and it doesn’t have to worry about Verizon or AT&T limiting the customer base.

The iPad is cheaper than anything from rivals. Nobody has a comparable product at a comparable price.

The whole open versus closed thing is bull. Remember when people thought Apple was too restrictive? 585,000 apps later, not a lot of people are thinking Apple is too closed.

How does Android come back? We have no idea. This really looks like it’s going to be more like the iPod than the iPhone for Apple.

If you have any ideas about why Android has missed, and how it comes back let us know in the comments.

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