Watch As We Unbox Google's Latest Android Toy (Literally)

Android toy box TBI

Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

BARCELONA — Google already won over the hearts and minds of Mobile World Congress attendees with its huge, amazing booth, full of free smoothies, fun rides down the slide, custom stickers, and collectible pins. (See our photo tour here.)So handing out more free toys today was the last thing the company needed to do.

But that’s Google for you.

At its MWC booth, Google was giving out free Android collectible toys — like the high-end Kidrobot toys — part of the “Android mini collectible series 02.”

The toys were designed by Google and others, and were produced by Brooklyn-based Andrew Bell‘s Dead Zebra Inc / Dyzplastic.

Here's the box from the front

On the sides, different Android toy designs you can collect

Designed and produced by Brooklyn-based Andrew Bell and others

Inside the box, a silver plastic bag that hides each toy's identity, making this a game of chance

And here's our little Android!

The arms move and the head swivels

We heard an UNCONFIRMED rumour that the Cupcake toy actually smells like a vanilla cupcake (Our green guy doesn't smell like anything)

Here's the display box they come in

Collect them all!

BONUS: Andrew Bell and Dyzplastic made a special Chinese New Year version of the Android toy, which Google Beijing employees got

Now check out Google's amazing Mobile World Congress booth

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