Android Tablet Sales Stink So Manufacturers Are Doubling Down On Smartphones

Android in jail behind bars

Photo: Ellis Hamburger

A new report in DigiTimes says tablet manufacturers are refocusing their efforts on Android-powered smartphones after disappointing tablet sales.From the report:

With the exception of Samsung Electronics, which has managed to grab a 10% share of the global tablet PC segment, sales of tablet PCs from other vendors including Motorola Mobility, Research in Motion (RIM), LG Electronics (LGE) and HTC have been flat so far, the sources indicated.

The report seems logical to us. Yesterday RIM reported it only shipped 500,000 PlayBook tablets in Q1. Reports on Xoom shipments haven’t been good either.

Android phones continue to dominate the smartphone market, so why not double down on what has been proven to work?

Read the rest on DigiTimes >

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